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Closing bell: Sensex, Nifty close flat; ITC, Tata Motors, Bharti Airtel, Coal India major losers

Mumbai: ESB Sensex closed at 31,662.74 after volatile investor transactions in South Korea. The highest NSE NSE reached 13.70 points, or 0.14% gold, 9,929.90, after dismantling between 9,964.85 and 9,917.20.

The Sensex benchmark index had opened higher at 31,738.74 and a size increase at 808.96 at the beginning of the session, allowing for positive indications in Asian markets.

Exemption from the reserve of benefits. The caliber had lost 147.86 points in the previous session.

Brokers said they were intended for domestic institutional investors (DII).
Negotiation of 12 countries to 63.98 (intra-day) against the dollar in the Forex market. Here are the latest updates on the market

■ 3:30 p.m .: ESB Sensex fermented 1 point more to 31,663, while Nifty 50 increased 14 points, from 0.14% to 9.930.

■ 14:33: ITC, Tata Motors and Coal India have losses of more than 1.89%, 1.42% and 1.23%, respectively. On suspension this time, M & M at 1.72%, Sun Pharma at 1.28% and Reddy’s Labs.

13:25: ESB Sensex increased by 6 points, only 0.02%, to 31,656, while the Nifty 50 increased by 6 points, or 0.07%, to 9,923. Pharma and Adani are the best, while Tata Motors, NTPC and Coal India are among the best.

■ 12:40: Reliance Industries Ltd earns a profit of 0.2% less after the stock became ex-bonds today. The company will allocate 1: 1 free shares to its shareholders.
Previously, RIL had six consecutive sessions and a 7% increase during that period. So far this year, it has gained almost 45%

The S & P BSE real estate index increased 1.62%, the BSE S & P calculated 0.77%, and the BSE discretionary consumer goods and services index was 0.73%. The S & P BSE Sustainability Index is permanently lost at 0.12%.

■ 10.57am: Equitas Holdings Ltd rose from 1.6% to Rs 176.45 after a large block. Approximately 4.3% of the shares or 14.40 million shares of the bank in exchange in the two block operations, according to Bloomberg. However, the details of buyers and sellers were not known.

Donald Trump overrules Republicans, cuts deal with Democrats to raise debt ceiling

Washington: President Donald Trump quickly canceled Congressional Republicans and his own Treasury Secretary Wednesday to conclude an agreement with the Democrats to get the government to work and raise the ceiling on US debt.
The immediate goal was to earn money for hurricane relief, but in the process, the president overthrew the leaders of his own party.

Chuck and Nancy, “when she joined Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and minority leader Nancy Pelosi as they pressed for the three-month deal,

Republican Party leaders and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin for a much longer extension of the debt limit. Republicans want a longer grant to avoid having another vote on the politically toxic issue before the 2018 parliamentary elections.

The session painted a vivid depiction of discord in the highest ranks of the Republican Party.

Mitch McConnell for the failure of health legislation, the president was soon eleven eleven
Congress returned this week to show contempt for House and Senate leaders to dedicate their program to the law.

Initially, at the oval office meeting on Wednesday, Republicans pressed for an extension of the 18-month debt ceiling, then 12 months and six, but Trump shook them.

While Mnuchin continued to press an economic argument for a long-term deal, Trump tired him and cut him off in the middle of the sentence.

Donald Trump met with Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. APDonald Trump met with Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.
At another time, the meeting lost all importance when Ivanka Trump came to raise an issue unrelated to tax credits for child care.
The details of the meeting were reported by several people who were informed about procedures that were only anonymous because they were not allowed to speak publicly.

A photo taken through the oval window of the office showed an animated Schumer pointing his finger at Trump’s face as the President smiled with his hands in the arms of his New York colleague.

After the meeting, Trump headed to North Dakota with Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp in an attempt to provide bipartisan support for fiscal legislation, according to which Capitol Republican leaders create a purely partisan approach.

This continued on the day of bizarre disconnections between the president and his party leaders.

Trump called Heitkamp onstage at his Dakota event and praised her as a “good woman.”
“She’s running for re-election against the Republicans in November 2018.
Heitkamp then issued a statement saying that she needed to know more about Trump’s tax system before offering support.

Kapil Sharma breaks silence: I’m not done yet. Please bear with me. Please pray for me

The “Disease” of Kapil Sharma made the tournaments of the month.

Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover, March 2017, has transformed into hair and throw the shell of guilt, with Kapil abused relationships with colleagues, Kapil

Show Sharma, Vidya Balan, Arjun Kapoor, Shraddha and Aditya Roy Kapur Kaporor among others, assistant hours, emission delay car, Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma (for promotions Jab Harry found Sejal).

Although many of these accusations were rejected by celebrities Kapil, their co-stars and other friends and supporters of the film and television industry, fans will be on tour at the age of 36.

As a candidate for the interview, Kapil said health problems and explain their positions instead events.

Kapil, what’s wrong? It’s you
Nothing serious. Major thoda phisal gaya tha.

ABB Sambhal Gaya hoon (I slipped, I’m calm already recovered). I examined the ayurvedic clinic for complete detoxification. They are willing to have two stay here for 40 days. The more I can not stay that long. I had a movie in November.

Kapil, the movie may come. Health What are you waiting for?
Nothing rests the body and the guerrilla. The cell exists.

I did not take care of myself. I had begun to neglect my health due to overwork. I was traveling back and forth, shooting two episodes two years into my show, and then turning to my film, Firangi. Eaten did not sleep in time. My health supposes, and she makes a …

Kerala woman breathes in mortuary, dies later

Kottayam: In a strange event, a woman abandoned by an ambulance was found alive and moved to a private hospital where she died Wednesday night.

The woman, Rathnam, 52, Mansour de Muniswamy of Vandanmedu Puthuval Rathna Vilasam, of the Idukki district, is being treated at the Velammal Medical Hospital in Madurai.

Rathnam suffered from jaundice and liver and wake related diseases, and survived ventilator support at the hospital. Hospital sources should indicate that, in case of deterioration, there was no hope that she could live.

According to Vandanmedu police, the woman’s family moved against medical advice at their Vandanmedu home in the Idukki district, so their end could be at home.

While transported in an ambulance that was an oxygen facility, the parents thought it was dead after the body is dead.

The parents placed their bodies in a freezer without the opinion of the doctors to confirm the death.

However, it was when the body was taken to his home in Vandanmedu, neighbors who came to pay homage to the traces of life in his body.

Vandanmedu police are on time and police must go south and confirm that she is alive. Rathnam was later transferred to an intensive care unit at St Johns Hospital in Kattapana.

Shinu VR PRO hospital will inform DC that it will be extended to hospital and hospital, he and the life team in the body. However, she died late at night …

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