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I-T raids on Karnataka minister: Rs 11 crore cash seized till now, searches on

I-T raids on Karnataka minister: Rs 11 crore cash seized till now, searches on

I-T raids on Karnataka minister: Rs 11 crore cash seized till now, searches on

BENGALURU / New Delhi: The collection of more than Rs 11 crore has been taken so far by revenue from tax services as part of the ongoing investigation into several related energy minister Karnataka local DK Shivakumar and its partners, as Part of a case of alleged tax evasion.

The minister oversaw the stay of 44 parliamentarians from the Gujarat Congress, in a complex on the outskirts of Bangalore, which were taken to the capital of Karnataka given the Rajya Sabha polls in his state.

The attacks continue in many places by the second day Thursday, they saw Detective I-T enter a number of documents, accounting books and financial documents.
Around Rs 8,33 crore cash was captured in Delhi, Rs 2.5 lakh Rs Bangalore 60 Mysuru the time, said a senior official.

“About Rs 11.43 crore in cash has been taken so far from different places. Some investigations and investigations are still active,” the official said.
He added that the evaluation of some jewelry found during the investigation is done from now.

Documents relating to real estate investments, including some alleged Benami, are analyzed by the department, the official said.
The department said the Shivakumar investigation in the case of an alleged tax evasion and huge investment not disclosed in real estate, jewelry and other industries.

Some investments that are linked to it Singapore and other places abroad are also under the control of the department, they said.

Some shell companies and their alleged operators related to this case are also probed, sources said Wednesday department.
In a move that has sparked a political storm, the I-T department has conducted research on 64 sites and related Shivakumar properties.

It was put in charge of 44 members staying at the Eagleton complex near here to keep the flock in place to prevent the BJP from “shining” before the Rajya Sabha elections in Gujarat, where Ahmed Patel, political secretary of the Congressional President, Sonia Gandhi, faces an uphill battle.

Congress to power in Karnataka plans to protest against attacks on Thursday morning Shivakumar, accusing the center of the “dictatorial” and “murder of democracy” attitude.

Shivakumar, a poor agrarian family, an influential leader of the Vokkaliga community and also one of the wealthiest countries of the Ministers of State.
According to the affidavit submitted by him for the 2013 assembly surveys, he had assets of Rs 251 crore, including his wife’s and children’s and liabilities of over Rs 104 crore.

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