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Senator: How to really turn the screws on North Korea

Senator: How to really turn the screws on North Korea

Senator: How to really turn the screws on North Korea

(CNN) The dangerous behavior of the North Korean regime has continued to grow – with its intercontinental ballistic missile test on our country’s Independence Day and its intercontinental missile test last week. These actions must awaken the world.

The time for words is over. Such serious provocations deserve global condemnation and a specific determination by the United States and our allies. We must take decisive action before the situation on the nuclear war causes of the Korean peninsula.
Since coming to power in 2011, Kim Jong Un has greatly accelerated ballistic missile testing regime and ballistics also launched many cyber attacks against the United States and our allies. Last year, the regime has carried out two nuclear tests and tried some two dozen ballistic missile launches.

It is clear that we are rapidly approaching a point of no return when Pyongyang will have a capable and proven management system for the nuclear Oggie order to achieve and cause significant damage to the United States.

President Donald Trump now has to make difficult decisions to ensure that his government will use all the instruments at its disposal to denuclearize the peaceful Korean peninsula.

In addition to administering welcome measures to impose sanctions on Chinese entities and financial institutions doing business with North Korea, the leadership of the President will be required to take the next steps in what he called his “maximum pressure” approach.

First, I urge the administration to join me in calling on the world community to impose a total economic embargo against the odious Pyongyang regime. All nations of conscience must cut off all finance and trade with North Korea, with a little help limited exceptions until Pyongyang is ready to meet its international commitments for peaceful denuclearization.

The UN Security Council must immediately support such a ban in a new resolution that is binding on all countries. Last month, I introduced bipartisan legislation that bans any entity doing business with North Korea or facilitators to use the United States financial system.
The new sanctions of the administration may be only the first step.

The second: if Kim Jong Un intend to follow these missile tests, I expect the United States and react accordingly to announce new measures against this malicious scheme. Whenever there is a single dollar transaction that demonstrates the benefits of this system, I hope our Treasury Department found the blocks and make sure that those who allow these transactions can not do business with the United States.

Whenever there is a person who is complicit in human rights violations in North Korea and trafficking in labor, that person should never set foot in the United States and their assets should be blocked. Whenever a ship from North Korea transmits illicit cargo, it should be prohibited, as permitted by international law.

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