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‘Dummy Vote’ For NDA Lawmakers A Day Before Vice President Election

'Dummy Vote' For NDA Lawmakers A Day Before Vice President Election

‘Dummy Vote’ For NDA Lawmakers A Day Before Vice President Election

NDA vice presidential candidate, Venkiah Naidu, talking to lawmakers
On Friday night, a day before the elections for the vice president, BJP lawmakers and their allies to participate in a workshop on how to vote.

The “shadow vote” is held at a meeting of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), led by the BJP, to ensure a minimum number of null votes tomorrow.

The MPs elected 21 voters in the election of the President of India last month, most of the lawmakers of the BJP. Despite his presentation on the voting procedure.

At today’s meeting, they will practice how to vote on the ballot to do better. At a meeting of this week’s party, BJP leader Amit Shah, so he wondered how lawmakers could make a simple vote.

Regional party lawmakers, AIADMK, Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) and YSR Jagan Mohan Reddy of Congress also participate in the workshop today.

While these parties are not members of the NDA, they pledged to support M Venkaiah Naidu, the government’s candidate.

M. Naidu, a former union minister, will speak to legislators at today’s meeting and seek their votes. At the dinner after the meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will join lawmakers and discuss them.

Only members of both Houses of Parliament, including designated members, vote in the elections for the vice president, unlike the presidential elections, where state legislators also vote.

NDA lawmakers beyond the opposition when the parliamentarians of both chambers are counted and that large-scale vote can not play a spoiler tomorrow to M. Naidu.
M. Naidu faces former West Bengal governor Gopal Krishna Gandhi, led by an 18-party opposition bloc. The new ally of the BJP, Janata Dal Unidas, Nitish Kumar made an earlier pledge to return M. Gandhi.

The CND must have a vice president of his choice after 10 years.

The current intensity of the NDA is 337 in the Lok Sabha and 80 in the Rajya Sabha. Congress AIADMK, TRS and YSR add another 67 parliamentarians in both chambers.

This means that M. Naidu has the support of 484 of the 790 parliamentarians from both chambers, with the exception of several designated members. He needs 395 to win.

Hizbul militant, civilian killed in gunfight in Kashmir’s Anantnag

Hizbul militant, civilian killed in gunfight in Kashmir’s Anantnag

Hizbul militant, civilian killed in gunfight in Kashmir’s Anantnag

Security forces killed a newly hired local activist Hizbul Mujahideen during the night in an artillery battle and an unidentified person died during the shootout that followed in the Anantnag district of southern Kashmir, police said Friday.

According to a police spokesman based in Srinagar, the militant identified as Yawar Shergujri Nissar alias Algazi was shot and two militants were able to give security forces to a slip under the cover of darkness.

The sources said the forces had coordinated the area Thursday night, but there was no contact with the militants until the end of the night.

The meeting, according to police, began around midnight Karvel, Anantnag district, 55 km from Srinagar.

“During the search operation, the terrorists fired on the investigation group, which triggered an exchange of shots. Around midnight, enjoying the darkness, two terrorists fired and managed to slip. Fire, “a statement said.

Yawar, 30, police said he was a worker on the ground and was wanted in many cases of stone stings. He was resident of Anantnag. “Yawar was a chronic stone peloteur who joined the militants there are only 30 days,” said one official.

A soldier of the Rashtriya Rifles 3, which has been identified as the roadside rifle Rohit Kumar, injuries also suffered.

Police also said an unidentified person, who was dressed in several layers, leading to a “Yamaha Libero with damaged license plate” was taken to the fire.
“No element that leads to identity or I-card can not be recovered. Two mobile phones (Nokia 1209 and jîvi-N300) were recovered from that person,” the spokesman said.

The telephone contact in the handset could not immediately avoid confirming his identity. The police try to determine the identity of the civilian population.

Internet services were blocked and restrictions can be placed on the area as Yawar’s body was handed over to his family for his burial.

More than 110 militants have died in Jammu and Kashmir between January and July of this year, while the figure was 150 to 2016.

On Thursday, two members of the Indian Army, including one of the main ones, and as many militants died in two separate battles in arms in the state of satisfaction.

Security forces succeeded on 1 August when a top Lashkar-i-Taiba militant Abu Dujana and his accomplice were killed in a meeting with security forces in the village of Hakripora in the Pulwama district.

On Doklam Standoff, China Says ‘Our Restraint Has A Bottom Line’

On Doklam Standoff, China Says 'Our Restraint Has A Bottom Line'

On Doklam Standoff, China Says ‘Our Restraint Has A Bottom Line’

BEIJING (Reuters) – China said it had shown “the greatest desire” in prolonged military expansion with India in the Sikkim sector, but warned that its “restraint” was a “final result.”

The reaction of China’s Ministry of Defense at the end of the night came a day after the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the peace and tranquility of the border between India and China are an important prerequisite for The success of bilateral relations.

Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj last month said India’s position in the deadlock more than a month in the Doklam region, saying that the two parties must first withdraw their troops from talks are held, the promotion Of a peaceful solution.

The clash began on June 16 after Chinese troops have begun building a road near the trijonie with Bhutan, which India declared a unilateral action by Beijing to change the status quo in the region.

New Delhi fears that road construction will allow China to remove India’s access to its northeastern states.

Ren Guoqiang, a spokesman for the Chinese Defense Ministry, in a statement called on the Indian side to quickly address the appropriate situation to restore peace and tranquility in the border region.
“Since the incident, China showed the greatest willingness and tried to communicate with India through diplomatic channels to solve the problem.

China’s armed forces have also demonstrated a high level of retention in the context of general bilateral relations and peace and stability in the region, “the spokesman said, according to a report by the state-run Xinhua news agency.

“However, goodwill has its principles and moderation in its outcome,” he added.

The spokesman urged the Indian side to abandon the illusion of its delay tactics because no country should underestimate the confidence and ability of Chinese forces to safeguard peace and its determination and willingness to defend national sovereignty, security and Development interests “.

The spokesman said that China’s armed forces resolutely protect territorial sovereignty and security interests of the country.

His comments also come after India National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, has met with his Chinese counterpart, within the framework of BRICS member countries summit of the NSA.

Sikkim standoff: China’s 15-page statement is a counter-intuitive treatise; we might be reaching the endgame

Sikkim standoff: China's 15-page statement is a counter-intuitive treatise; we might be reaching the endgame

Sikkim standoff: China’s 15-page statement is a counter-intuitive treatise; we might be reaching the endgame

Section two of China’s statement reads as follows: “On 16 June 2017, the Chinese side was building a road in the Dong Lang area. On June 18, more than 270 soldiers at the border with the India, carrying weapons and operating two bulldozers crossed the border Sikkim sector in Duo Ka La (Doka La) passes and exceeds more than 100 meters on Chinese soil to hamper the construction of roads on the Chinese side, causing tensions in the region.

In addition to two bulldozers, troops from the border with India that exceeded 400 people at some point have three tents and have advanced more than 180 meters on Chinese soil. At the end of July, still more than 40 were elements of the border with India and a bulldozer residing illegally in Chinese territory. ”

India has rejected the claims. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had a short answer to the Chinese prepared statement. “India’s position on this issue and related facts was stipulated in our June 30 press release.

India believes that peace and tranquility in the border areas between India and China is an important prerequisite for the development of bilateral relations with China. ”

On the other hand, columnist Ajai Shukla, retired colonel of the Indian army, citing military sources claim that the greatest degradation of troops has already begun and that the two parties are now reduced to 40 each.
In his play to Business Standard, he wrote: “The 45-day confrontation with the Doka began to deteriorate. The main military sources said Business Standard that the number of Chinese border guards in the triangulation disputed border between India, China and Bhutan Has been reduced to only 40, from a peak more than 300 at the end of June.

Meanwhile, many Indian troops were also eliminated. From a peak of nearly 400 at the peak of the crisis, there are currently 150 Indian soldiers in the disputed Doka bowl. ”

So who says the truth – India or China? The answer is irrelevant.

Suites-border surgical attacks on terrorist assets in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK) provided a valuable strategic lesson. After his transfer, India gave Pakistan the denial of space needed to prevent a loss of prestige in the country.

Similarly, any solution to the crisis should include the honorable sticky exit option on both sides, as noted in a recent Firstpost article.

I-T raids on Karnataka minister: Rs 11 crore cash seized till now, searches on

I-T raids on Karnataka minister: Rs 11 crore cash seized till now, searches on

I-T raids on Karnataka minister: Rs 11 crore cash seized till now, searches on

BENGALURU / New Delhi: The collection of more than Rs 11 crore has been taken so far by revenue from tax services as part of the ongoing investigation into several related energy minister Karnataka local DK Shivakumar and its partners, as Part of a case of alleged tax evasion.

The minister oversaw the stay of 44 parliamentarians from the Gujarat Congress, in a complex on the outskirts of Bangalore, which were taken to the capital of Karnataka given the Rajya Sabha polls in his state.

The attacks continue in many places by the second day Thursday, they saw Detective I-T enter a number of documents, accounting books and financial documents.
Around Rs 8,33 crore cash was captured in Delhi, Rs 2.5 lakh Rs Bangalore 60 Mysuru the time, said a senior official.

“About Rs 11.43 crore in cash has been taken so far from different places. Some investigations and investigations are still active,” the official said.
He added that the evaluation of some jewelry found during the investigation is done from now.

Documents relating to real estate investments, including some alleged Benami, are analyzed by the department, the official said.
The department said the Shivakumar investigation in the case of an alleged tax evasion and huge investment not disclosed in real estate, jewelry and other industries.

Some investments that are linked to it Singapore and other places abroad are also under the control of the department, they said.

Some shell companies and their alleged operators related to this case are also probed, sources said Wednesday department.
In a move that has sparked a political storm, the I-T department has conducted research on 64 sites and related Shivakumar properties.

It was put in charge of 44 members staying at the Eagleton complex near here to keep the flock in place to prevent the BJP from “shining” before the Rajya Sabha elections in Gujarat, where Ahmed Patel, political secretary of the Congressional President, Sonia Gandhi, faces an uphill battle.

Congress to power in Karnataka plans to protest against attacks on Thursday morning Shivakumar, accusing the center of the “dictatorial” and “murder of democracy” attitude.

Shivakumar, a poor agrarian family, an influential leader of the Vokkaliga community and also one of the wealthiest countries of the Ministers of State.
According to the affidavit submitted by him for the 2013 assembly surveys, he had assets of Rs 251 crore, including his wife’s and children’s and liabilities of over Rs 104 crore.

US Democrats Support Trump’s China Probe in Rare Bipartisan Move

US Democrats Support Trump’s China Probe in Rare Bipartisan Move

US Democrats Support Trump’s China Probe in Rare Bipartisan Move

Washington: Three senior Democratic senators, in a rare show of bipartisanship, asked Wednesday for US President Donald Trump to fight in China, which is preparing to launch an investigation into intellectual property trading practices and Next Beijing days.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer urged the Republican president to omit the poll and move directly to trade action against China.

“We should definitely go,” Schumer said in a statement. Senators Ron Wyden of Oregon and Sherrod Brown of Ohio also urged Trump to slow down in China.

Tensions between Washington and Beijing have intensified in recent months as Trump urged China to reduce steel production to mitigate global oversupply and halt North Korea’s missile program.

Sources familiar with the ongoing talks said that Trump was issuing a presidential memorandum in the coming days, citing the problem of intellectual property theft in China. The EU, Japan, Germany and Canada have expressed concern over China’s behavior in relation to intellectual property theft.

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer then initiates an investigation under the Commerce Act of 1974, Section 301, which allows the president to unilaterally impose tariffs or other trade restrictions to protect US industries, according to sources.

It is not known whether such an investigation could lead to trade sanctions against China, Beijing is almost certain to call into question the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The Chinese embassy in Washington said in a statement sent to Reuters that China “is opposed to unilateral actions and trade protectionism in any form.”

A spokesman for China’s Ministry of Commerce told reporters in Beijing Thursday that China places great emphasis on intellectual property rights and that all WTO members must respect the rules of the organization.

“We hope the positive momentum of cooperation will continue” following the latest bilateral exchanges, said Trade Ministry spokesman Gao Feng.

Taking advantage of negotiations

Surveys of Article 301 of the United States did not result in trade sanctions since the WTO was launched in 1995. In the 1980s, Article 301 customs duties were taken on motorcycles, steel and other Japanese products.

“It could simply be a basis for bilateral negotiations,” said James Bacchus, former Chief Justice of the WTO and head of the USTR, a Chinese study on intellectual property.

Some trade lawyers said that the WTO does not have jurisdiction over investment rules such as China’s requirements that foreign companies transfer technology to their joint venture partners, allowing the sanctions to go outside the dispute settlement system Of the WTO.

But Baco argued that the United States are required to go first to the Geneva-based institution to resolve trade disputes, adding, “The WTO is required to enforce intellectual property rights are not fully explored.”

Lighthizer and Trump trade secretary Wilbur Ross have complained that the WTO is slow to resolve conflicts and is partly contrary to the United States.

China’s elite have begun their game of thrones — here are some of the potential winners

China's elite have begun their game of thrones — here are some of the potential winners

China’s elite have begun their game of thrones — here are some of the potential winners

While the stifling summer in Beijing took place in August, China’s political elite generally retreat from the sea to deliberate on the hottest issue of all: the future of the Communist Party in power.

The very secret conspiracy is Beidaihe, a resort about 175 miles east of Beijing along the Bohai Sea, and is an annual ritual for former President Mao Zedong.

This year, the stakes are higher than ever. Five of the seven members of the Director of the country’s most powerful body, the Standing Committee of the Politburo, must retire in a massive change of leadership occurs two decades.

For Xi Jinping, it is the opportunity to install Fidelists and increase their legacy. That it is promoted and that can not have a significant impact globally since the second world economy shows the slowest growth rate in a quarter of a century.

“Changing direction is always important in every country … but in China, in relative terms, to the outside world, it’s still quite mysterious,” said Cheng Li, director of John L.

Thornton Chinese Center at the Brookings Institution. “The impact of China’s importance and influence is on the rise – it has already become a world leader … so we must be careful.”

The training will be presented at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, which takes place sometime in the fall, but the date has not yet been announced.

Negotiations could be extended until the last moment, but most of the problems that need to be solved this month, according to Minxin Pei, Chinese policy expert and government professor at Claremont McKenna College.

Reading tea leaves: Who is in operation?

China may be a one-party system, but like any other power-control policy, several factions are working to inaugurate supporters and hitting rivals. Important considerations include the relationship of the individual with Xi, the clients are able to, the age of the current classification, age, experience and qualifications.

On the other hand, little of this process is governed by the law. For example, it is not necessary that the number of members of the Standing Committee is maintained at the current seven hours, and the informal retirement age of 68 years could be lifted.
“It’s very possible,” said Kerry Brown, a professor of Chinese politics at Kings College in London. “There are no institutional restrictions happening … the party can do whatever it wants.”

Lawyer Accuses China of ‘Enforced Disappearance’ of Deceased Nobel Laureate’s Widow

Lawyer Accuses China of 'Enforced Disappearance' of Deceased Nobel Laureate's Widow

Lawyer accuses China of “forced disappearance” of deceased Nobel laureate
Liu Xia, the late widow of Chinese dissident and Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, may be subjected to forced disappearance, according to the prosecutor of the couple.

The Human Rights Ombudsman in Washington DC, Jared Genser, today reported in Beijing a formal complaint to the United Nations, reports The Guardian, calling Beijing’s treatment of its client, a “new cure to worry about.”

The death of Liu Xia is currently unknown, weeks after the death of Liu Xiaobo, the first Nobel Prize for deaths in custody since the German pacifist Carl von Ossietzky died in 1938 of a prisoner of a concentration camp.

Her last public appearance was published on July 15 by Chinese state officials, who attended a funeral and burial of her maritime husband, whose ashes were scattered in the waters off the northeast coast of China.

According to The Guardian, friends Liu Xia said he had to go south-west of the country, but is likely to return to Beijing, where he was controlled home from the 2010 Liu Xiaobo Nobel reception.
Read more: Senator Marco Rubio:

An open letter to Liu Xia, the widow of Liu Xiaobo
Liu Xiaobo died of terminal liver cancer less than a month after being transferred from jail to a hospital for treatment.

An 11-year sentence was served by “inciting subversion against state power,” a charge in connection with a written request in 2008 asking the Communist Party to allow democracy and human rights in China. Despite constant monitoring of the situation and house arrest, Liu Xia has never been charged with crimes.

Genser called for an “urgent intervention” by the U.N. On forced or involuntary disappearances. “It is clear to me that what happened to Liu Xia falls directly and unequivocally,” as defined by the forced disappearance of the U.N. He told the Guardian. The move is expected to force China to allow Liu Xia to restore public space and finally to leave China and the Guardian.

Tillerson to press China and ASEAN states on North Korea in Manila

Tillerson to press China and ASEAN states on North Korea in Manila

Tillerson supports China and ASEAN in North Korea in Manila
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will support China and other Asian countries to take tougher action against North Korea by attending regional meetings in Manila this week, a senior US official said on Wednesday. .

Susan Thornton, Under-Secretary of State for East Asia, said Tillerson would have the opportunity to meet with the South Asian Association’s Minister for Chinese Affairs. It was in Manila, but he did not intend to meet with the Foreign Minister of North Korea.

Thornton said Tillerson, who arrived in Manila on Saturday, will seek further cooperation to isolate North Korea and impose sanctions on the United States. He said Washington wanted the country to reduce “dramatically” deals with Pyongyang.

“What we are trying to do is push that pressure and isolate North Korea so it can see the opportunity costs of developing these weapons programs,” journalists said. a conference call to preview Tillerson’s travels.

Thornton said China had made “significant strides … frankly unprecedented measures” to increase pressure on North Korea, but could do “much more” to strengthen the implementation of existing sanctions and impose more.

“We would like to see faster actions and more obvious and fast results, but I do not think we’re going to do it yet.”

Thornton’s remarks contrast with those of US President Donald Trump, who accused Beijing on Saturday of doing nothing to help North Korea and highlighted the US’s huge trade deficit with China.

The former administration official Trump said Tuesday that Trump was close to a decision on how to respond to what he considered unfair trade practices in China and taking into account measures that could lead to tariffs or other restrictions on trade in Chinese goods.

Thornton declined to comment on any possible action, but stressed that, despite Trump’s tweets, North Korea and trade problems were not tied to a “transactional”, but “philosophically.”

“If we can work together to do this, we could certainly have a productive economic relationship,” he said, “if we can work together to do this, and mutually beneficial in which we benefit both from reciprocal and equitable access to each other’s markets.”

Thornton said Tillerson continues to pressure China on the South China Sea issue, while in Asia the United States has insisted on rapidly adopting a code of conduct on territorial competition.

He said that the United States “undoubtedly” human rights with the government of Philippine President Duterte.

Criticism of the bloody US war on drugs Duterte, predecessor Trump, Barack Obama, has damaged long-term allied relations. Duterte remained defiant, accusing critics of “trivializing” his campaign against drugs with human rights concerns.

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